May 22, 2023

Welcome to the Era of Answer Engines with Ryan Welsh

In this episode, Ryan Welsh welcomes us into the new era of answer engines while identifying the date the era of search engines ended. If you have any interest in ChatGPT, or AI in general, you need to tune into this one!

About Today’s Guest:

Ryan Welsh is the Founder and CEO of Kyndi, which he started in 2014 with a vision of creating a world where AI would empower humans to do their most meaningful work. Under his leadership, Kyndi has created the natural language enablement category, with their powerful Kyndi Platform and other natural language-enabled solutions. Prior to joining Kyndi, Ryan worked on M&A due diligence at NextFed where he also assisted with deep tech commercialization - specifically in the areas of quantum cryptography, cyber technologies, small satellites, and Deep Learning. Prior to his role at NextFed, Ryan was a key member of the securities law firm, Bressler, Amery, and Ross, where his experience in research and quantitative analysis supported complex litigation.

• Kyndi offers an AI-powered platform designed to help individuals find the right answers in unstructured, text-based data effectively.

• The company was named a World Economic Forum "Technology Pioneer” for its innovation in the field of Neuro-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence (AI), and for how its Natural Language Technology Platform.

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