Transforming Data Commerce with Nick Jordan – Episode 93

This Week’s Guest is Data Monetization Expert, Nick Jordan

Nick Jordan is the Founder of Narrative, a company dedicated to transforming data commerce and guiding businesses in systematically creating and selling data. Helping them use transformative technology to remove roadblocks has been Nick’s focus ever since.

Before founding Narrative, Nick also served as the Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy of Tapad, an advertising and marketing company. He contributed to the development of Tapad from being a media company to becoming a data and technology licensing business.

Nick is a natural-born problem solver. He has years of experience in operation and project management, transformation and execution of client-focused technology systems, and leading designs. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Management Information Systems.

Nick has enhanced his experience in data-related product management roles at global technology-driven companies throughout the years. Now, he is thrilled to share captivating insights on data commerce, data monetization, data acquisition, and data sharing with your listeners!


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