Fixing Social Media with Anthony Constantino

Social networks today are in disarray. Anthony Constantino is taking this challenge head on with Stimulus, a social network that replaces advertising with giveaways. We look at the ways they are trying to do something good in an industry with so much bad.

About Today’s Guest:
Anthony Constantino likes doing stuff. Okay, maybe we're underselling him a bit: he’s also the co-founder of Sticker Mule, a custom printing company that’s taken the internet by storm, the creator of an award-winning hot sauce (that he created as a joke), and an active professional boxer. But his latest project has the potential to be his most impactful. At the helm of Stimulus, a social network that replaces advertising with giveaways, he’s out to build a more authentic, happy and useful social network — right when the world needs it most.

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