Democratizing Cybersecurity with Ganesh Krishnan

Ganesh Krishnan is helping organizations move beyond top-down cybersecurity and into a model where we all have a role to play. Learn all about it in this episode!

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Special note: my apologies for the low quality of my audio. The issue should not reoccur, but unfortunately it could not be corrected in post-production.

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Meet Ganesh Krishnan, a cybersecurity superhero with over 25 years of experience protecting the digital world from cyber threats. As a two-time founder with a track record of success at some of the world's top tech companies, he's earned a reputation as a thought leader at the forefront of cybersecurity. Now at the helm of Anzenna, his latest security startup, he's out to revolutionize the industry by making cybersecurity accessible to every employee, not just the security team.

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