Data Virtualization and Visualization with Robert Cooke – Episode 98

This Week’s Guest is Computer Science Expert, Robert Cooke

Robert Cooke is the Founder and Principal Architect at 3Forge, a New York-based provider of data virtualization and visualization technology. 3Forge has achieved significant growth over the years as a result of increasing demand for its award-winning, web-based browser AMI platform.

Robert has an unmatched passion for all things computer science. With over 100,000 hours of software development, his mesmerizing array of accomplishments include the creation of the distributed columnar SQL live-view database, elastic messaging platform, low latency webserver, Cross-language Compiler, web-integrated IDE, remote-debugger and real-time dashboarding/visualization suite. These are all packaged under the 3Forge platform, a company he started in 2011. With offices in NY, London and Singapore, his software has gained wide scale adoption at many Tier-1 banks since 2014.

His focus on the inter-relational study of computers, people, and data has had a strong influence on how he’s shaped his clear vision for development in the decades ahead. He is a vocal proponent for the study of computer science’s history, the lost art of query planning, number theory, and best practices for reusable code and the relationship with open source software.

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