Data Leadership for Everyone

Data Leadership for Everyone

In today's world, everyone needs to harness the power of data. There's a lot involved in making that happen, and we're here to make it all a little bit easier. The "Data Leadership for Everyone" podcast is an audio advice column for your data and leadership questions!

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The Potential and Pitfalls of AI with Sean Falconer

June 5, 2023

About Today’s Guest: Sean Falconer has a lofty goal: to make the digital economy safer. And he's doing so one API at a time. A former competitive programmer, entrepreneur, and expert storyteller, his many accomplishments inc…

Welcome to the Era of Answer Engines with Ryan Welsh

May 22, 2023

In this episode, Ryan Welsh welcomes us into the new era of answer engines while identifying the date the era of search engines ended. If you have any interest in ChatGPT, or AI in general, you need to tune into this one! Ab…

Democratizing Cybersecurity with Ganesh Krishnan

May 15, 2023

Ganesh Krishnan is helping organizations move beyond top-down cybersecurity and into a model where we all have a role to play. Learn all about it in this episode! Special note: my apologies for the low quality of my audio. T…

The Next Big Thing in Data with Gwen Thomas

May 8, 2023

What’s the next big thing in data? Gwen Thomas has an answer! We talk all about it while stretching out our analogy muscles in this week’s Data Leadership for Everyone! About Today’s Guest: Gwen Thomas is one of the original…

The Magic of MarTech with Adam Robinson

May 1, 2023

Ever wonder how websites collect and leverage user information? Ever gotten an email from a company where you wondered how they got your email? Join us as Adam Robinson from pulls back the veil on some of these…

Charting a Career in Data Leadership with Eric Gonzalez

April 24, 2023

This week we welcome Eric Gonzalez to look at building careers in data, debating about consulting versus industry roles, and noting how everybody in “data” seems to have found their path somewhat by accident. About Today’s G…